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Are you renting

Rent: noun. A regular payment or series of payments made in return for the use of resources.
Coal and natural gas are responsible for nearly 70% of electricity generation in the U.S., and demand is directly influencing rising utility prices. Mining these resources causes irreparable damage to the environment.

How does solar work?

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Why Solar?

A solar-powered home can save you money, increase the value of your home, give you control over your electricity consumption, and make you independent of traditional energy sources. With the federal tax credit of 30% and various other state incentives, switching to solar has never made more sense. 

Take control of your energy

An unpredictable energy bill is a big problem. Get freedom from fluctuating prices, and control how much you pay for electricity.

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You're not done! We've all seen it. What was your electric bill in the 90's? What was it LAST. YEAR..... It's not stopping any time soon.

What does your bill look like?

$100/mo. - $1,200/yr.

$0.16 - Cost/kW

Total 25 yr. Cost


$0.364 - Avg 25 Yr Cost/kW


More solar will be installed in the US in the next 2 years than in the last 40+ years combined!



A professional will assess your property, your roof and all the surroundings to design your solar plan. 



Our engineering team creates the engineering plans that are completely custom to your home's unique set up and consumption. 



We handle all permitting. We know the different requirements, restrictions, etc. and make sure we do it the right way, the first time!



Your installation is pretty painless. We show up and install, most of the time completing the project in one day.



The inspection is usually required by the locality or the utility company. We set you up for approval and they check for any errors.



This is the best part, permission to turn on the system and watch it perform. Look at your monitoring and you see the investment working.



About a month or 2 after PTO, we want to get with you to make sure it is producing properly and that you are able to see the monitoring.



Can I buy a solar installation without making a down payment?

There are many zero-down payment options available, in fact, it's almost an industry standard to NOT require one. Loans come with an interest rate as low as 4%, a low payment amount and a manageable term to make financing even easier.

What are the upfront costs of a solar installation?

You do not need to make any upfront payments. The monthly payments for your solar system will kick in only once it is fully installed and activated. A lot of the time, this is cheaper than your current electric bill, so even then there may be no "COST".

Are there any hidden charges when you purchase solar panels?

There are a few maintenance and usage-related costs that may arise. Most solar panels come with 25-year warranties that cover these charges.

Will I still have an electric bill from my utility company after I go solar?

Homes typically consume more energy than the solar system generates. Most customers rely on a utility for backup but pay a considerably lower bill.

What if I do not have enough funds to go solar?

There are many financing options, tax incentives and rebates that make going solar affordable. You can get a loan with low interest and manageable monthly payments to make the switch.

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